Monday, December 26, 2011

Why I Named My Blog:
"Kathie Lassos the Moon"?

T'is the season of the year to share the moment I knew I wanted to name my blog:  
Kathie Lassos the Moon!  

It's a Wonderful Life is a wonderful story about how, "Each man's life touches other lives.  When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?" ~ Clarence, A-2 (Angel Second Class)

May your New Year be bright!  And may you too lasso all that you love and care about during 2012!

So, I Lasso making a difference in anyone's life...even if it is only one!

Monday, December 19, 2011

"Once upon a time...
In a far off wintry land
Jack Frost grew lonely 
And took the task to hand. 
He used his magic powers
And smiled when he was through
For what he'd made were Snowbabies
A joy for me and you.

On tiny sleds they slide
Down icy hills they go
They laugh and sing together
As they frolic in the snow.
And while they're busy playing 
Throughout the frosty day
They hope the winter sunshine
Won't melt them all away."

Are you a collector?  Do you collect antiques, sports memorabilia, perhaps stamps or coins?
I'm a collector...not of anything of significant value, more along the line of something sentimental.  It's at Christmas time that I display my collections.  I have a Fontanini Nativity that I add to each year.  

I have the Christmas Carol Dickens Village I collect and display every Christmas.  

But, my favorite item I continue to collect is Snowbabies.

Jack Frost!
 I have been a collector of Department 56 Snowbabies for most of my adult life.  I started out as a snowman collector.  This was something that helped bring a bit  of the Northeast (home) to the South for me when I lived in Florida.  Then it evolved into collecting  Snowbabies.  

The first time I every saw the Snowbabies was one Christmas when my mom received one as a gift from her best friend, Mary Ann.  I decided rather than collecting a random snowman, I would instead collect these porcelain Snowbabies.  Every Christmas after that my mom would receive one from different family members and Mary Ann and even Mary Ann's mom--adding to my mom's collection.  I would purchase one at Christmas time as my paycheck would allow, then I started to receive them as gifts.

My collection paled in comparison to my mom's but I loved that we shared this love for these sweet figurines.  

Every year, as I decorate my home for Christmas there are four things that make me very sentimental and maybe even a little melancholy:  Christmas tree ornaments our children made when they were young, certain Christmas songs by Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby and even Dean Martin, the Christmas movies "It's a Wonderful Life", "A Charlie Brown Christmas", "White Christmas" and "Prancer" and finally, putting out my Snowbabies--I guess because they each represent the past and the special Christmases with family, my husband and children...Christmases gone by...
When my mom passed away, I was given her Snowbabies' collection.  So now, when I open the boxes they're in I will find notes or just a gift tag from the gift giver to my mom...

You never know how a gift you may give or have given someone many years ago touches someone in years to come.
I Lasso my Snowbabies that help me feel my mom is with me each Christmas!

As I prepare for the birth of Jesus, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very joyful, blessed New Year!
Thank you for reading my blog!

I Lasso the coming of a New Year, 2012!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It will be Different...
Well, Thanksgiving is one week away...this will be a unique Thanksgiving for my family--it will be different.  
Fortunately, we will have the three of us here for the holiday...there will be Joe, Jenna and me.

Sara will be spending the holiday with her husband's family in Houston.

Adam has such a short period of time off from Boston University, that flying back to Texas for the holiday would be expensive for a weekend trip.

Fortunately, I have a brother in Connecticut who is generously welcoming Adam to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with his family!
Adam with Connecticut Stoeckle--Melanie

I feel lucky to have Jenna home this year.  I feel blessed that Joe and I have kids who would like to be home with us.  But as our kids begin to truly live their own lives, it is time to rejoice in the change, and silence my selfish loss, because it will be different...

One of our most cherished family traditions of chopping our Christmas tree down the day following Thanksgiving must change this will be different.  It will be the first time it will not include the entire family.  There have been years where we had to rent a vehicle to hold our kids, their friends and of course the dogs...that won't be the case this year.  

But, our daughter, Jenna, our dogs Ellie, and Piper as well as Adam's girlfriend Heather will be will be different.  

Different isn't bad.  It can be colorful, contrasting, distinct, particular, peculiar ...but going in with the positive attitude and rejoicing in the many blessings I DO have--rather than focusing on what I am missing, I believe will make this a joyous Thanksgiving.  After all, it is also important to remember that the holiday is about giving thanks for so many things--not just family being together, but a strong faith in God, good health, love, a home, a purpose.  

If you have followed my blog, you know that I am one of six children.  We occupy six different states.  One-by-one as we left the nest for careers or adventure my parents quietly endured the change--however that manifested itself--of not having their entire half-dozen home for any holiday.  

Craig - CT; Kathie (me) - TX; Michael - FL; Mark - MA; Leenie - TN; Brian - CO
I hope I have the same courage my mom and dad had in never making me--or any of the half-dozen--feel guilty for not being able to afford to fly home, or preferring to have Christmas or a holiday with my/our own nuclear family.

I do not want my children to feel guilt-ed into spending the holidays with Joe and me.  I don't want to see them eat TWO meals on the same holiday.  I would rather delight in the time we have together...whether it is in the summer or fall, winter or spring...YES, it will be different, but I know that their love for us is not taking them away from us.  It's just their turn to live their lives.  

I know they will always know we are here for them.  I know they know that all they have to do is invite us and we will be there.  But for now, it will be different!
(L) - Ellie and Ducati next to Adam, Heather, Joe;  (R) Moose next to Sara, Ryan, me
Jenna is taking the picture
I Lasso change, and the opportunity to grow when things are different!
As a post script to this entry I want to share this quote:

"Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may  have one foot on the brakes.  In order to be free, we must learn how to let go.  Release the hurt.  Release the fear.  Refuse to entertain your old pain.  The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a NEW life.  What is it you would let go of today?" 
~  Mary Manin Morrissey
This quote resonated with me--not because I am letting go of memories or "baggage"  or "hurt" but rather launching my (our) kids into the world. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I remember vividly my siblings, sister in-laws together sorting through my mom's belongs at the request of my dad after she past away. 

When we sorted through my mom's clothes, I remember really wanting specific sweaters, sweatshirts and then I came across her handkerchiefs.  I took several of her hankies...I wasn't sure why I wanted them at the time.  

Now, fast forward ten years later when our daughter, Sara was planning her wedding, we were talking to Lori Kees, the florist we used (check out her blog: ) on how we wanted to incorporate my mom's hanky in some way in order to feel like she was not only not forgotten, but that she was with us at the wedding.  
My mother's handkerchief wrapped around Sara's bouquet
Lori did a fabulous job wrapping my mom's hanky around Sara's bridal bouquet.  It was tasteful and elegant!  I will never forget the moment Lori  showed me how she used the hanky.  My dad was sitting in a brown leather chair in the groom's room at the church, I was assisting with distributing boutonnieres and corsages at the time Lori came in with Sara's bouquet.  When I pointed out to my dad that it was my mom's hanky on Sara's bouquet--well, seeing it took his breath away.  Seeing him react to it took mine.  Our eyes locked and both of us began to weld up with tears--mom was there, she was ever present and not forgotten.  It was an amazing moment.
My Daddy arriving for the wedding in the groom's room

That sweet, tender moment I had with my dad prior to Sara walking down the aisle with Joe made me think about wanting to have a "special something" to pass down to my children, grandchildren, get the idea, some type of heirloom from me!
So I asked my friends if anyone knew someone who would take my wedding gown and make it into a Christening Blanket.  Julie Peterson, a friend from church and a phenomenal seamstress said she could do it!  So I took my  expensively wrapped and well-preserved wedding dress out of its sealed container and found it to be in great condition!  I told Julie I trusted her with it--(okay, I have to throw this in here--after pulling my wedding gown out of the gold box, it was wrapped in tissue and blue plastic--I pulled it out...and I just had to try it on--I am happy to report that my dress still fit!  Actually it was a little on the loose side...I feel that's worth bragging rights at my age...right?!)  Julie said she was nervous about cutting it up and thought she needed to call me one last time before she took her sewing shears to the lace.  But she jumped in and made the most beautiful Christening Blanket.  You may ask, "Why a blanket, why not a Christening Gown?"  I thought about a Christening Gown, but the "gown" didn't go over well with the men in my family...a blanket on the other hand could be used for a boy or a girl.  

Kathie and Joe Gautille - April 27, 1985
I saved the blanket for Sara's baby shower.  In a box I placed an 8" x 10" picture of Joe and me on our wedding day--in a plastic protector, wrapped the blanket in tissue with the picture laying on top.  This way in generations to come, not only can they see what the blanket originally looked like from the wedding dress, but they can see who passed it down.  

During the baby shower, Sara knew the minute she saw the wedding picture that I really "did it", I really had my wedding gown cut up for a very special gift for her baby and future babies to come...

Christening Gown and Baby bonnets made by Julie Peterson from my wedding gown
And I am so happy I did...

Sara, Landon Lee, and Ryan Corl

The Deacon who Baptized Landon with Sara, Ryan and Landon

Melissa and Eric Felderhoff, Landon's Godparents

I Lasso hankies and wedding dresses being passed down for generations to come!

I Lasso the past touching the future!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Proud Mom!

Our son, Adam is a grad student at Boston University.  He is studying trumpet performance.  

Adam's gift for music doesn't stop with the trumpet...he also has a beautiful tenor voice--that most people hear at weddings or bars in Dallas. 

However, this summer he put together about 9 or 10 songs he has written, music and lyrics and headed out to Colorado to Rocky Mountain Recording Studio--each time taking a good buddy to accompany his music. He has also had a great friend help with building and updating his AJ Adams website--he is blessed with great friends--

Well, up until this week, I had only heard bits and pieces of the CD.  I have yet to hear any song all the way through...until now...

I hope you will take a listen!  
I can't wait to hear the rest of the CD!

I Lasso being a proud mom!  

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Babies and Puppies!

What is it about babies, puppies and kittens too? We are so blessed to have a new baby in the family...of course if you follow my blog, you know I am talking about our stinkin' cute grandson, Landon Lee!  
Too cute, how I miss this little boy!
Thank heavens for technology, because between YouTube video, Skyping, electronic phone photos, and emails I feel connected.  
Four month old Landon Lee Corl!
But there is nothing like holding and smelling and loving a baby in person!  Watching our daughter and son in-law rejoice in the giggles, sweet moments of Landon recognizing them, not to mention the remarkable changes that take place in a short period of time in Landon is so refreshing!  There are days I will replay a video he is in over, and over again...just trying to lessen the miles between us!

Yesterday, we brought home our sweet Australian Shepherd puppy!  What fun it was to be completely surrounded by a litter of pups--and other women who are just as crazy about them as me!!

Puppies, puppies everywhere!  (L to R) Renee, me, Helen.
Such fun at Heidi's with Mackenzie's litter of pups!

Lots of kisses from Piper!

Western Hill's Sugar's litter of puppies
(L to R) Heidi, Renee and me with lots of pups!

I think she knows she is going home with Jenna and me!

Mackenzie and her puppy Soup!

Piper Cub Airplane

The puppy we picked up yesterday is my husband's dog.  He is a pilot, and decided to name her after The Piper Cub Airplane.

I think Piper the puppy is much cuter than the plane!  Yesterday, spending time with all of the puppies, made be so thankful for all things beautiful,big and small!

Piper and me!  
Jenny with Piper!  Piper loves this girl!

I can't wait to chronicle more of the adventures we have with Landon our grandson, and Ellie and Piper our sweet Aussie girls!
And not to forget our wonderful kids, Sara,Adam and Jenna!

Ellie in snow last winter!
Ellie, our (almost) 2 year old Australian Shepherd!

Landon recognizing Moose!  A boy and his dog...

I Lasso the sweet things in life,that bring joy!