Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Four Gifts of Wisdom!

 Kicking off the Christmas Season, I had the wonderful pleasure of attending a Christmas brunch with my son's girlfriend Heather, and her mom Marie.  What made it even more special was that my sweet, beautiful daughter, Jenna went too!
The room was incredibly decorated...every table had a different holiday theme.  Each hostess gave a great deal of thought to the table presentation they created for their guests.  The table I sat at had a "girly" dress-up theme--very clever...complete with "girl talk" coffee cups to boot! Some table themes were red, glitter and gold, some had wonderful Nativities, Santa, Reindeer, even an animal print!  The gathering of women was as eclectic as the table themes--young, middle-aged, older.  A true festive holiday spirit filled the air!

The coffee was delicious and the buffet food served was excellent...but the best was yet to come.  After an hour of visiting the decorated tables, and eating a wonderful meal (served by the men of the church BTW--impressive!) a high-energy, Christian speaker took the stage.  Her name--Jan Silvious.  

You know, it is times like these that I know God hears my prayers.  I know He is listening to me, because her pearls of wisdom spoke to the many challenges I have faced, prayed about and experienced...especially in the past year.  I can't help but think her words were a gift for many of the women in the room!

To me her words spoke to the change or "life" that happens to all of us--the good, the bad and the ugly!  

I would like to share the four "gifts" she gave each woman in the room!  

  • When something happens that truly hurts us, is unfair or upsets us, remember this is ONE event in a LIFETIME of events, we will move on, we need to move forward! 
  • What might have been doesn’t exist, so don’t EVEN go there!
  • The last chapter of your life is not written YET!
  •  There IS a God, and you're NOT Him! 
Just wanted to share!

Preparing the way the Lord!  Being still and listening...

Psalm 46:10 

I Lasso Understanding, Patience, Faith, Hope!