Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Gautille Gazette 2012

The Gautille Gazette Goes Electronic!

Joe and I want to extend our warmest wishes during this Christmas season to all of our friends and family!  We thought we would go "green" with our family update, and post it electronically on my blog!  

Nonna and Papa Joe

We went to Pflugerville, TX  earlier this month to celebrate Christmas with Sara and her family!  It was so much fun to see Landon's eyes light up with excitement when he saw the Thomas the Train table and trains!

Landon Lee Corl and his choo-choo!

It has been a long time since I've stepped foot into a Toys R Us, but it didn't take long before the memories of the Lego and Barbie aisles came flooding back to me from my days as a young mom.  Landon is 19 months old and a complete delight!

Ryan, Landon and Sara

Sara and Ryan Corl
I love being a Nonna and Papa Joe has also embraced his role as a grandparent! Sara and Ryan make a wonderful parenting team! Sara, a former elementary education teacher has changed her career to Stay-At-Home-Mom.  She recently shared that while there are challenges and sacrifices to staying home, there are wonderful nuggets of joy too.  One afternoon, after a tough day with Landon, as she gave him his afternoon snack, she watched her son fold his hands and say, "Amen" before he ate his raisins. That little act of faith erased the stress of the day and reminded her why they both made the decision for her to stay home with Landon.   Ryan is still an avid golfer, huge Texans fan (although I have tried valiantly to convert him to become a Steelers fan), and continues to enjoy his job in sales at Callaway Golf.  

Jenna's Corner

Hello family and friends and Merry Christmas!!
A lot has changed since last year, I no longer have to say I am working on getting my Associates Degree...I got it!  I graduated in July and have my treasured piece of paper hanging on my wall.  I still plan on going to school to pursue being a makeup artist and masseuse.  I just need to find an institution that is far enough away that I will have no choice but to move out.  The search is on.

In the meantime, I surrendered myself to adulthood, got dressed up and joined the world of retail.  I currently slave away at Victoria Secret and New York & Company.  I have a lot of fun at both...but I must say I am paid better being a Dog Sitter.  I can no longer wear my jeans and graphic tees.  I have to wear 'big girl' or as they say, 'professional' clothing now.  The nerve.  I really had to let go of the Peter Pan Syndrome I had so long embraced.  However, they give me discounts so I can buy even more professional clothes.  My closet is slowly losing its color and is fading to black (yes, work dress code).  And sadly, I can no long wear my super cute heels, at least not at work. No more heels. Flats. Always. When working.

I'm still very involved at my church in the Young Adult Ministry.  It's like my youth group in high school, except we have cars, and no curfews.  We discuss our faith and topics that relate to being a, you guessed it, young adult.  Many young professionals are part of this ministry, so it's nice to have new friends to hang out with when you are still living in your hometown.  

Being an aunt is like the coolest thing ever.  Landon is super smart.  I never thought I would get so excited about watching a baby roll over, crawl, walk and talk for the first time, but amazingly I do.  The best part about being an aunt is that I get to spend time with Landon, play and spoil him then give him back only coincidentally the exact moment he gets fussy.  He is such a loving boy.  I am really lucky I have him for a nephew. 
Landon and Auntie Jenna are all smiles at the tree farm!

Landon is as tall as this sweet Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!

Well, I guess that's it.  Besides earning my degree, having three part-time jobs, and keeping my room clean 76% of the time, that's about all the changes I have made for 2012.  I hope this finds you and your family well and I wish you the happiest of holidays.

Tune in next year for more updates.
Yours truly, 

Adam's Turn!

Hello and Merry Christmas!
Well, I'm in my final year of grad school at Boston University.
I returned to Boston without my best buddy, Ducati because the new apartment I am in has a no animal policy.  But I have to say while I really miss Ducati, I was lucky to find a great apartment, along with four great roommates!

At the beginning of 2012 I released my AJ Adams
"Heart to Give" CD, with all of my original music .  My buddy Alex McKee and I had the opportunity  perform songs from the CD, along with other music in gigs from New York to LA.
Alex and AJ

Performing in LA with Alex and Clayton!

Each month of the summer was a special wedding I was honored to be involved.  First I played trumpet and sang at my good friend from high school, Jessica's wedding, who was married at West Point.  Then I was honored to be the "second" best man at my oldest friend Clayton's (and Tala) wedding.  A month later I played at the wedding of two close friends of the family, Spencer (Clayton's brother) and Anna Smith.

So if I am not playing a horn, I am strumming a guitar and singing.
In May I graduate from Boston U with a Masters in Trumpet Performance. So now begins the auditions for a real job!  Prayers are really appreciated as I continue to pursue a career in music!
Wishing y'all a Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!

Joe Heads into the Homestretch!

Hello Everyone!

Well, I am inside the last 10 months of my commercial flying career.  In September, I have to retire from Southwest Airlines before my birthday.  I love my job and mentally I just cannot see myself not flying after 41 years!  But, I also look forward to what God has in store for the next adventure of my life with Kathie.

I continue to blog for Southwest Airlines and this year I am chronically each month of my last year with a blog column "Ten Months to go for Captain Joe"-- then counting down to the day before my birthday or should I say my retirement on the blog "Nuts about Southwest".

We are so blessed to count you among our family and friends!  Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!

Kathie Gets the Last Word

This past year God has blessed us with so many of the beautiful aspects of life!

We had the opportunity to have good friends visit us--one happens to be a high school friend of mine, Bill and his bride Mary Ann came from North Caroline for the Restoring Love Event.  The other friend was Carol from New York City.  Joe has known Carol since grade school--they played in the band together at school, Joe with his trumpet and Carol with her flute!  Carol is one of the most respect and acclaimed flutist performing today, and is a professor at Juilliard.  It is always wonderful to spend time with people who live outside of Texas!

Bill, MA, Joe and Kathie at Restoring Love
at Cowboys Stadium

A photo booth I set up for Anna & Spencer's Bridal Shower
Jenna, Kathie and Sara

Celebrated the weddings of several very close family friends!

Mother of the Bride and Hostesses of Anna's shower

Clayton and Tala's bridal shower

Tala and Clayton

Enjoyed a First Birthday Party for our grandson, Landon!

Landon turns one!

Rejoiced with Jenna earning her Associates Degree!

Kathie and Jenn

Treasured the time I spent with a life-long friend, Diane in Sewickley, PA!

Reunited with a group of my Alpha Xi Delta Sorority Sisters at Clarion University, in the hills of Pennsylvania!  A joyful time!

Blessed to be actively engaged in a wonderful church we have been members since we were newlyweds.

Prayed for dear friends and family members who were struggling with illnesses.

Praised God for those whose health is back to normal.

I can't close without mentioning our four-legged family members:
Ellie, Piper (our Australian Shepherds)
and Adam's sweet dog Ducati--they bring us laughter, a lot of love--not to mention fur!

Adam's dog, Ducati

As 2012 comes to a close, and we begin to look to embrace the New Year that is upon us, we know we are so lucky to have you in our lives!

We wish you many blessings of joy, good health and hope for a wonderful 2013!
Kathie, Sara, Adam, Jenna and Joe

I Lasso the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ!

I hope you will stop back at for more family news!

God bless you and those you love this Christmas!
from the Gautille's!  

Joe, Kathie, Adam and Jenna Gautille
Sara, Ryan and Landon Corl

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Felt Like I was Back at My College Dorm

I have been meaning to share with you the great weekend I had last month with women I have not seen since 1979 when many of them graduated from college. 

I didn't realize until I connected with a sorority sister last fall that my sorority returned every year the week BEFORE homecoming to have a reunion.

Being an Alpha Xi Delta at Clarion University was such a big part of my growing up in during my college years.  So, when I saw that they had been having reunions for years and I was just learning about it, made me so excited for this fall to arrive, because come hell or high water, I was going on the weekend to see these wonderful ladies!

I reached out to the sister I connected with on Facebook, Mary Lynne, who graduated a year before me.  While we spent this past year following each other on Facebook, and messaging plans to meet up and share a hotel room with another sorority sister Cindy--it never phased me or entered my head, "Would we have anything in common after all of thIese years?"

Well the weekend finally arrived.  I was blessed to have a friend in my hometown to also visit while in Pittsburgh for the weekend, as I now live in Texas.  Diane has been my friend since 4th grade!  

(left to right) Me and my dear friend Diane
in Sewickley
She still lives in our wonderful hometown in the sweetest home, with an affectionate dog and a boat load of wonderful memories for us to laugh and talk for hours on end.  

Diane took me to meet up with Mary Lynne.  She asked me if I would recognize her, and I told her I felt sure I would...and we did...

The moment we gave each other a huge hug and squealed with delight of recognizing each other, we were off to Clarion!

The weekend was everything and more than I had hoped for...these lovely women, whom I remember vividly calling me a scumbag during pledging--I found that deep love for them as if we never had been a part.

Alpha Xi Delta Sisters with the beautiful back drop of Pennsylvania in the fall!

More Sisters meet up for lunch at Bob's Sub Shop!
Five of us arrived Friday night!  Oh the stories you can tell after one or two Margaritas!

We went on a Wagon Ride of a beautiful property outside of Clarion!  Beautiful day!

My Big Sis, Cindy surprised us all!  I was so excited to see her!

There were times throughout the weekend while we were in our hotel room getting caught up on each other's happiness and sorrow we have experienced in our lives--I envisioned all of us at Nair Hall on the Alpha Xi Suite bouncing into a room and talking about boys, diets, college professors, life...

These women and many more who were not able to come for the reunion this year...really helped shape me into the person I am today.  

And as one of the husband's (who also happens to be a friend of mine from college days--his wife is my big sis in the sorority) said to me following the weekend at Clarion when I messaged him on LinkedIn how great it was to see him and my big sis Cindy.  He responded, "Thanks Kathie...great to see you as well!  I said to Cindy later that night what a great group of women she knows from Clarion/Alpha Xi.  All very real, very grounded!"  All the best, Mike

That is how blessed I was--I am--to have big hearts, and loving, real women I not only call Sisters, but call them dear friends...even after 30 years!

I Lasso Alpha Xi Delta Sisters and a great deal of love!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just a Pot and a Colander?

A Melancholy Moment
I recently returned from Tampa where I had the real pleasure of taking care of my sweet dad.  My dad, who just returned to his home after spending 4 months in a rehab center due to several falls.  He is trying to navigate his home with a walker and wheelchair.  

We spent several days having great talks--many of them were about my dear mom, who died 12 years ago this month.  We laughed, we got teary-eyed, but most of all we remember her with great joy.  Shortly after one of our conversations about her, I went into his kitchen and started making dinner for the two of us.  As I was making dinner I saw these two gems pictures above...and I felt my mom was in his kitchen with me!

The large pot cooked many a dinner...I can still see bubbling steam from potatoes or a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup simmering!  The yellowed colander held many a pasta meals or lettuce or fruit for washing--while showing their age--like all of us, it was sheer delight to rediscover them and a joyful melancholy moment captured in my heart!  Who knew a pot and colander would bring such emotion just at the sight of them?  
My mom and me
on the day of my Holy Communion

I miss you mom, I am so blessed with fond, loving memories of you!  God is so good! 

I Lasso being blessed with a wonderful loving mom!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hello Again! I'm Back!

While I have not been blogging, I have had the opportunity over the summer to Lasso the Moon on a number of occasions!

It was a wild and fast-paced summer!

Our son, was back from Boston for the summer.  I loved this for many reasons--first, I missed him!  Second, I missed the music he brings into our  home every time he is home.

He also had several AJ Adams gigs that he played with his talented buddy Alex McKee!
Check him out on YouTube:  AJ Adams Music!
When he left to drive back to Boston I cried harder than I did when Joe and I left him at Waco his freshman year at Baylor U.!  I don't really know why I became a slobbering fool the day he left, but I did...when I think it will get easier, darn if it doesn't just sneak up on me and rather than being like the little Dutch boy who put his finger in the dyke to keep Holland from flooding, there was no hope for the gush of tears that fell down my face when I hugged him good-bye!  I Lasso the tears of love!

Jenna was thrilled to complete her degree this summer!  All of us are very happy and very proud of her!  She is active with the young adult group at church...she is always on the go!  I Lasso with great joy Jenna's success and new beginnings!

Joe and I took a wonderful vacation to Bermuda!  You know, in the hustle and bustle of life, it is so important to take the time...and yes, even spend a little money and GET AWAY and UNPLUG!
I Lasso being in the moment with the one I love!

Well, I can't end this entry without mentioning my daughter Sara, her husband Ryan and their sweet little boy, Landon...

I Lasso being Nonna! 

We had friends visit, attended weddings of couples we absolutely love, and spent time as a family!  

I Lasso the wonderful activities summer brought into my life!  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blogging for Many Reasons!

Trying to Help!

You know, with technology--there have been wonderful opportunities to learn and grow as an individual.

On several great sites like Pinterst, Etsy, Blogs or just Google a subject--just to name a few, there is an opportunity to learn something new or learn more about something...

I blog for many reasons.  
  • To share stories  
  • For the love of writing
  • To improve storytelling skills
  • To recall special memories...have them captured somewhere for the future
  • To try to help and give hope
I am disappointed that something has caused me to rethink how and what I blog...

I have been asked over the years, and most recently by many, many people, who know about some of the struggles we have dealt with as a family, or I have dealt with as a mother and strongly suggested that I write about:  some of the heartache we have had, or the baby steps we have taken, and also the victories we have experienced that brings hope--and that's what I have been blogging about--until yesterday.  

I have a strong belief system.  I do things because they have meaning.  But unfortunately, the observation I received indirectly yesterday, has changed my thinking.  

I don't really know why I am allowing a young adult, with little life experience bother me so much, but unfortunately it I will be re-thinking HOW I Lasso the moon.

Thanks for listening!