Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blogging for Many Reasons!

Trying to Help!

You know, with technology--there have been wonderful opportunities to learn and grow as an individual.

On several great sites like Pinterst, Etsy, Blogs or just Google a subject--just to name a few, there is an opportunity to learn something new or learn more about something...

I blog for many reasons.  
  • To share stories  
  • For the love of writing
  • To improve storytelling skills
  • To recall special memories...have them captured somewhere for the future
  • To try to help and give hope
I am disappointed that something has caused me to rethink how and what I blog...

I have been asked over the years, and most recently by many, many people, who know about some of the struggles we have dealt with as a family, or I have dealt with as a mother and strongly suggested that I write about:  some of the heartache we have had, or the baby steps we have taken, and also the victories we have experienced that brings hope--and that's what I have been blogging about--until yesterday.  

I have a strong belief system.  I do things because they have meaning.  But unfortunately, the observation I received indirectly yesterday, has changed my thinking.  

I don't really know why I am allowing a young adult, with little life experience bother me so much, but unfortunately it does...so I will be re-thinking HOW I Lasso the moon.

Thanks for listening!  

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