Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Felt Like I was Back at My College Dorm

I have been meaning to share with you the great weekend I had last month with women I have not seen since 1979 when many of them graduated from college. 

I didn't realize until I connected with a sorority sister last fall that my sorority returned every year the week BEFORE homecoming to have a reunion.

Being an Alpha Xi Delta at Clarion University was such a big part of my growing up in during my college years.  So, when I saw that they had been having reunions for years and I was just learning about it, made me so excited for this fall to arrive, because come hell or high water, I was going on the weekend to see these wonderful ladies!

I reached out to the sister I connected with on Facebook, Mary Lynne, who graduated a year before me.  While we spent this past year following each other on Facebook, and messaging plans to meet up and share a hotel room with another sorority sister Cindy--it never phased me or entered my head, "Would we have anything in common after all of thIese years?"

Well the weekend finally arrived.  I was blessed to have a friend in my hometown to also visit while in Pittsburgh for the weekend, as I now live in Texas.  Diane has been my friend since 4th grade!  

(left to right) Me and my dear friend Diane
in Sewickley
She still lives in our wonderful hometown in the sweetest home, with an affectionate dog and a boat load of wonderful memories for us to laugh and talk for hours on end.  

Diane took me to meet up with Mary Lynne.  She asked me if I would recognize her, and I told her I felt sure I would...and we did...

The moment we gave each other a huge hug and squealed with delight of recognizing each other, we were off to Clarion!

The weekend was everything and more than I had hoped for...these lovely women, whom I remember vividly calling me a scumbag during pledging--I found that deep love for them as if we never had been a part.

Alpha Xi Delta Sisters with the beautiful back drop of Pennsylvania in the fall!

More Sisters meet up for lunch at Bob's Sub Shop!
Five of us arrived Friday night!  Oh the stories you can tell after one or two Margaritas!

We went on a Wagon Ride of a beautiful property outside of Clarion!  Beautiful day!

My Big Sis, Cindy surprised us all!  I was so excited to see her!

There were times throughout the weekend while we were in our hotel room getting caught up on each other's happiness and sorrow we have experienced in our lives--I envisioned all of us at Nair Hall on the Alpha Xi Suite bouncing into a room and talking about boys, diets, college professors, life...

These women and many more who were not able to come for the reunion this year...really helped shape me into the person I am today.  

And as one of the husband's (who also happens to be a friend of mine from college days--his wife is my big sis in the sorority) said to me following the weekend at Clarion when I messaged him on LinkedIn how great it was to see him and my big sis Cindy.  He responded, "Thanks Kathie...great to see you as well!  I said to Cindy later that night what a great group of women she knows from Clarion/Alpha Xi.  All very real, very grounded!"  All the best, Mike

That is how blessed I was--I am--to have big hearts, and loving, real women I not only call Sisters, but call them dear friends...even after 30 years!

I Lasso Alpha Xi Delta Sisters and a great deal of love!

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