Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just a Pot and a Colander?

A Melancholy Moment
I recently returned from Tampa where I had the real pleasure of taking care of my sweet dad.  My dad, who just returned to his home after spending 4 months in a rehab center due to several falls.  He is trying to navigate his home with a walker and wheelchair.  

We spent several days having great talks--many of them were about my dear mom, who died 12 years ago this month.  We laughed, we got teary-eyed, but most of all we remember her with great joy.  Shortly after one of our conversations about her, I went into his kitchen and started making dinner for the two of us.  As I was making dinner I saw these two gems pictures above...and I felt my mom was in his kitchen with me!

The large pot cooked many a dinner...I can still see bubbling steam from potatoes or a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup simmering!  The yellowed colander held many a pasta meals or lettuce or fruit for washing--while showing their age--like all of us, it was sheer delight to rediscover them and a joyful melancholy moment captured in my heart!  Who knew a pot and colander would bring such emotion just at the sight of them?  
My mom and me
on the day of my Holy Communion

I miss you mom, I am so blessed with fond, loving memories of you!  God is so good! 

I Lasso being blessed with a wonderful loving mom!

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