Friday, May 20, 2011

Good-Bye Dear Friend!

Our beloved dog of 16 years was put down on April 15, 2011.  

It was toughest decision we ever had to make.  


But he was confused, very weak, he stopped eating...I was so grateful to have Jenna with me when we took our sweet Pirate to the Vet.  The staff at Riverchase Animal Hospital were loving, gave us time with Pirate, even made a paw print for us that was later made into a ceramic plate with his name on it.  ...But I miss our smart, loving Aussie!  My husband put it in perspective for me...

"I miss the younger Pirate--the Pirate we are living with right now is not the same dog we adored over the years."  Don't get me wrong, we loved even this "old dog".  

But I am convinced that Ducati and Ellie gave Pirate another year of life.  These young pups brought a spring to his step. 

But when life was no longer a friend--everyone says you will know...and in our case that advice proved correct.  I saw it in his eyes when he laid by me the morning before we put him  down.  He looked up at me as if to say, "I am ready to go."  I not ready to let him go...but the decision came back to, "What's best for Pirate?"  We all knew it was time.  

That afternoon Pirate died in Jenna's lap very peacefully.  She was so good to him!  Jenna removed his collar, hugged him one last time and left the vet hospital.

Little Ellie didn't eat for almost three weeks after Pirate died.  She spent days and days looking for him in our bedroom,where he would  often retreated.  She also became a "Cling-on".  She knew something is different!  And I guess felt the need to be close to me--to feel safe.

I Lasso the deep love and affection I had for Pirate Boy!