Monday, December 19, 2011

"Once upon a time...
In a far off wintry land
Jack Frost grew lonely 
And took the task to hand. 
He used his magic powers
And smiled when he was through
For what he'd made were Snowbabies
A joy for me and you.

On tiny sleds they slide
Down icy hills they go
They laugh and sing together
As they frolic in the snow.
And while they're busy playing 
Throughout the frosty day
They hope the winter sunshine
Won't melt them all away."

Are you a collector?  Do you collect antiques, sports memorabilia, perhaps stamps or coins?
I'm a collector...not of anything of significant value, more along the line of something sentimental.  It's at Christmas time that I display my collections.  I have a Fontanini Nativity that I add to each year.  

I have the Christmas Carol Dickens Village I collect and display every Christmas.  

But, my favorite item I continue to collect is Snowbabies.

Jack Frost!
 I have been a collector of Department 56 Snowbabies for most of my adult life.  I started out as a snowman collector.  This was something that helped bring a bit  of the Northeast (home) to the South for me when I lived in Florida.  Then it evolved into collecting  Snowbabies.  

The first time I every saw the Snowbabies was one Christmas when my mom received one as a gift from her best friend, Mary Ann.  I decided rather than collecting a random snowman, I would instead collect these porcelain Snowbabies.  Every Christmas after that my mom would receive one from different family members and Mary Ann and even Mary Ann's mom--adding to my mom's collection.  I would purchase one at Christmas time as my paycheck would allow, then I started to receive them as gifts.

My collection paled in comparison to my mom's but I loved that we shared this love for these sweet figurines.  

Every year, as I decorate my home for Christmas there are four things that make me very sentimental and maybe even a little melancholy:  Christmas tree ornaments our children made when they were young, certain Christmas songs by Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby and even Dean Martin, the Christmas movies "It's a Wonderful Life", "A Charlie Brown Christmas", "White Christmas" and "Prancer" and finally, putting out my Snowbabies--I guess because they each represent the past and the special Christmases with family, my husband and children...Christmases gone by...
When my mom passed away, I was given her Snowbabies' collection.  So now, when I open the boxes they're in I will find notes or just a gift tag from the gift giver to my mom...

You never know how a gift you may give or have given someone many years ago touches someone in years to come.
I Lasso my Snowbabies that help me feel my mom is with me each Christmas!

As I prepare for the birth of Jesus, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very joyful, blessed New Year!
Thank you for reading my blog!

I Lasso the coming of a New Year, 2012!

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