Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Exciting News! Mama's Due with Baby #2!

Sara and Ryan surprised us a few months ago--at Thanksgiving--with some exciting news.  They arrived at our home during the late morning.  As our grandson was brought out of the car, it was the first time I really think he remembered the house, the dogs, and of course...Papa Joe and Nonna!  I was more excited to embrace Sara and Ryan and couldn't wait to slowly go to Landon to see if he would come to me...I scooped him up, but noticed he had a cute little tee on...being way too excited to "read", I brought the kids in the house and had lunch ready for them.  Putting Landon in the highchair, I kept trying to compute what the tee said.  Their son sporting a tee...
T-shirt read:

Club "Only Child"
Membership Expires July 2013!

I looked puzzled I'm sure...first I looked at Sara, then Ryan, then the tee again.  Finally I said--rather truthfully I squealed to Sara...are you going to have another baby?  I jumped up and down, hugged Sara and Ryan and could not stop smiling...Sara can attest to the fact that I did indeed jump up and down with elation!

Papa Joe came home shortly after the kids had lunch and I was trying to keep myself contained...anyone that knows me, knows all too well this can be a challenge for me...I kept indicating that he should "READ" Landon's tee.  Joy swept over his face and he immediately had hugs for everyone.  Jenna returned home from work just thrilled at the thought of another  nephew or niece was on the way.  Adam found out by way of Facetime on my iPhone since he was still in the Northeast for school.

Ryan and Sara were just beaming and said they were so excited--and remarked how hard it was to keep it a secret for a month from us.  It was still very early...so they asked that we not share the news with anyone.

Sara and baby are almost 4 months along in the pregnancy, coupled with the fact that Sara literally can't keep the baby news in much longer...as baby #2 has decided to make his/her presence known! 

So as we begin the New Year, we have so much to be thankful for...the arrival of a new family member is just the beginning!

So July 7th is the ETA for Baby Corl #2.
We are praying (and always appreciate prayers) for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery for Sara and baby!

I Lasso enjoying the amazing joy our grandson brings into our lives! 

I Lasso the anticipation of another grand baby to love!

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