Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Wouldn't be Spoiled if Someone would Spank Grandma!

As a Nonna I really made a concerted effort to have the necessary items needed to have our daughter and her little family at our home for an overnight or extended stay.

Over the past three years I have purchased diapers, a stroller, pack and play, bouncy seat, jumpers, high chair, car seats.  I bought some of the items for a great deal off of Craig's List, and some items I bought new, but Joe and I did this so when the kids came to visit, they wouldn't have to shlep so much stuff--hopefully making it easier to visit more often!

But I also love to be able to jump in my Ford Explorer and head down I-35 with my iPod music blasting in the car by myself...listening to the music I want to listen to--for a peaceful 3 hour drive to our daughter's home to help out, see the family, play with the boys.

Our daughter and son in-law recently sold their first home and bought a new home. Moving yourself with two little ones and no family to help is stressful.  So when I received the text message one evening that said, "Can you come down and help me with the move"  and I asked when, her reply was "ASAP"--I was in the car the next morning headed south to help.

My reward for trek was being greeted by Sara and Keegan in the driveway of their new home.  Keegan squealed when I rolled down my window and heard my voice.  He then lunged out of Sara's arms into mine to give me an opened-mouth, slobbery baby kiss!  This is what grandma's call, "PURE JOY"--to have my almost 1 year old grandson recognize me with this sweet expression of love!

I am pretty sure all grandparents fall into "can't spank grandparents" category when it comes to spoiling their grand-babies...I am no exception.

 Whether it is getting "cozy" and watching a new Thomas and Friends video together...

...or building a fort/tunnel and eat lunch in it...

 ...or stay up late with Papa to watch Polar Express...

...or go to the mall to pay a ridiculous amount for a 10 minute ride on the Red Caboose... 

...or purchase another train to add to Landon's enormous train collection

...we do it out of love!  

I Lasso spending time with my grandsons...and love every single minute of it!

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