Monday, November 24, 2014

Majestic Sandstone Cliffs at Zion National Park

 ZION National Park in Utah was the first of the canyons we visited on our vacation in September. 
"We are surrounded by rock!" was my first impression of Zion.  
Beautiful, massive sandstone mountains, canyons and cliffs of pink and red that towered into the brilliant blue sky! But it was not just the enormous sandstone that captured my attention, it was the waterfalls, unique flowers, emerald pools, chipmunks and chirping birds...I loved it all!

I loved the hiking at Zion

There are three Emerald Pools, Lower, Middle and Upper. We hiked all three.

Joe is headed to the Lower Emerald Pools. Notice the ever so slight mist to the right from a waterfall. There was very little rain this summer, so there was not much of a waterfall, but the spray of water felt good at this point in our day of hiking.
If you look closely at the sunflower you can see a bee! I love this lone flower against the mighty Zion Canyon!

Joe & I hiked to the Middle Emerald Pool -- dazzling scenery!

Joe at Middle Emerald Pool

Truly breathtaking scenery while hiking! This is from one of the cliffs along the hiking trail.

The mysteries of Mother Nature, a lone tree, thriving between canyon walls!

Sweet little chipmunk looked right at the camera!

The yellow flower that can be found by the Upper Emerald Pool is a Stonecrop - Sedum lanceolatum

Call me crazy, but Emerald Pools are really green!

The weather the first week in September was just perfect. Cool in the early morning hours and warm by noon. We made a point to hike early since we had such warm weather and lots of sunshine! We left Zion Canyon National Park and headed to Bryce Canyon for sunset. Had we known better, we would have made the effort to see the sunrise the next morning and not sunset--but while not as stunning, the sunset was a beautiful end to a wonderful day. If you look closely below, you can see the moon!

All Photos my Kathie S. Gautille

 I Lasso the beauty at every turn and realize just how small I am compared to Zion & Bryce Canyons! 
God is good all the time!
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