Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Greatest Mark We Can Make!

Every person under the stars can make a difference!  The greatest difference we can make is showing who God is.  

"Here's what it comes down to:  God is love, so by default, if our purpose on this planet is to show who God is, we are born to love.  That's how we make our mark.  We make our mark when we,
..walk the floor all night with a crying baby,

..resist snubbing someone we feel deserves it, 

..reveal our own insecurities to a friend who thinks we're always strong, 

..give gratitude to people who've helped us, 

..or go out of our way to encourage a disheartened friend."  
 ~ From Dr. Leslie Parrott, 
Author of the book You Matter More Than You Think

The greatest mark I can make is showing who God is through my actions...showing love and grace especially  in the midst of a storm.

I Lasso showing love & grace!

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