Monday, August 15, 2011

Growing Old Ain't for Sissies 
~ So I am Working on Staying Young!

Daddy and (me) Kathie
I am a wife, mother of three adult children, and a NEW grandmother of one--and in the matter of two weeks time I have seen my stage in life through two very different set of eyes...what do I mean?

In the past two weeks I have spent one with my Dad and one with my grandson!

I recently spent a week with my 81 year old Daddy.  My dad lives in Tampa--I live in Dallas, Texas. He is currently recovering from a fall and an terrible injury!

Dad and my husband Joe

Joe was able to visit 
The one-on-one time I had with my dad was wonderful, but exhausting.  I spent from dawn to dark helping my dad in and out of his wheelchair--(I have the bruises to prove it), getting food for him, assisting him changing his clothes, meeting him for doctor appointments--(Please note:  I know there are caregivers who do this 24/7 and I have a great deal of respect for the commitment.).  It was a blessing that I was able to go and to help him, and keep him company too!  

My dad has been sedentary most of his life--and due to his recent injury he is now required to "work out" in Rehab, and at times I found it painful to watch.  

I became his cheerleader, and at times comforter--especially in acknowledging that what he was being asked to do, while painful and stressful, would make him stronger.  I often just listened to him express his exasperation with his physical situation and how he relied on others to do every day things for him.  

The week AFTER my visit with my Dad, I had the good fortune of spending three days with my daughter, son in-law and new grandson Landon!  I babysat Landon during the day, while Sara went to a two-day teacher workshop.

Kathie (me) and Landon

While Landon is only two months old, I had forgotten how much I had to be "on my toes" while watching him!  
At times I truly felt like I was competing in an Olympic event--rocking, swaying, lifting wrapping, changing, washing...then he fell asleep!  

Tip-toeing to the  bathroom to take care of "nature's call" I suddenly hear a high pitched cry coming from the other room, so I sprint out of the bathroom.  By now my panties were hovering around my knees, while leaping into action I tried valiantly to pull them up while dodging the baby swing, baby floor gym, dog crate and coffee table before reaching the finish line...I mean before reaching Landon!  But the hush that came over him when I picked him up made the baby obstacle course worth it!

So, what did I glean from these two experiences? 

I want to stay in shape to enjoy Landon, and any other grand babies that may come along.  I also want to be active, which means as I age I need to continue to exercise.  I want to be able to look at my Golden Years with a little bit of zest and life!

Betty Davis said it best, "Growing old ain't for sissies!", however having two experience that span a spectrum of time and generations has helped me have the resolve to continue to exercise my body, mind and spirit--every day!  

I  Lasso being in the Sandwich Generation--helping Daddy and helping Landon!

I Lasso being active too!