Sunday, September 25, 2011

Babies and Puppies!

What is it about babies, puppies and kittens too? We are so blessed to have a new baby in the family...of course if you follow my blog, you know I am talking about our stinkin' cute grandson, Landon Lee!  
Too cute, how I miss this little boy!
Thank heavens for technology, because between YouTube video, Skyping, electronic phone photos, and emails I feel connected.  
Four month old Landon Lee Corl!
But there is nothing like holding and smelling and loving a baby in person!  Watching our daughter and son in-law rejoice in the giggles, sweet moments of Landon recognizing them, not to mention the remarkable changes that take place in a short period of time in Landon is so refreshing!  There are days I will replay a video he is in over, and over again...just trying to lessen the miles between us!

Yesterday, we brought home our sweet Australian Shepherd puppy!  What fun it was to be completely surrounded by a litter of pups--and other women who are just as crazy about them as me!!

Puppies, puppies everywhere!  (L to R) Renee, me, Helen.
Such fun at Heidi's with Mackenzie's litter of pups!

Lots of kisses from Piper!

Western Hill's Sugar's litter of puppies
(L to R) Heidi, Renee and me with lots of pups!

I think she knows she is going home with Jenna and me!

Mackenzie and her puppy Soup!

Piper Cub Airplane

The puppy we picked up yesterday is my husband's dog.  He is a pilot, and decided to name her after The Piper Cub Airplane.

I think Piper the puppy is much cuter than the plane!  Yesterday, spending time with all of the puppies, made be so thankful for all things beautiful,big and small!

Piper and me!  
Jenny with Piper!  Piper loves this girl!

I can't wait to chronicle more of the adventures we have with Landon our grandson, and Ellie and Piper our sweet Aussie girls!
And not to forget our wonderful kids, Sara,Adam and Jenna!

Ellie in snow last winter!
Ellie, our (almost) 2 year old Australian Shepherd!

Landon recognizing Moose!  A boy and his dog...

I Lasso the sweet things in life,that bring joy!
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