Monday, July 29, 2013

Landon's Membership to the "Only Child Club" Finally Expired! Keegan is here!

Thank Heaven for Little Boys!

First the Wait!

Our daughter Sara and her husband Ryan just had their second baby -- and he is a beautiful, perfect baby boy!  But before Keegan Joseph arrived...we waited...and waited...and waited.  While Sara was only one day late from her due date, it seemed so much longer because her OB/GYN thought he was a probably going to be a June baby!

Sara asked if I would come down the last week in June to be there in the event she went into labor in the middle of the night -- or really anytime, to take care of Landon.  Well, twist my arm!  Like any good Nonna, I hopped at the chance to spend quality time with Sara and Landon.

But the final days of June went by...and no baby, but trust me, Sara was in early labor having Braxton Hicks contractions non-stop.

The baby's unofficial estimated weight by the doctor was at least 8 pounds.  Landon came a day before his due date, and was 8 pounds, 8 oz. and 20.5 inches long.  So Sara was feeling a little better knowing that all of the horrid comments people would say to her in public "How many do you have in there?"  or "Holy Cow, you're going to have a baby!" duh...but Sara has grace, and she would grit her teeth and try to let the comments roll off her back.

We thought perhaps he would be a little firecracker and come on July 4th!

Landon watching the Macy's Fireworks on TV!

But July 4th came and went!

Making the most of the days left with only Landon!

Sara is such a great mommy.  She wanted to have activities to do with Landon everyday before the baby arrived.  So we went to playgrounds...  


Landon is pretending he is a Monkey!
I wish this was a video, because he sounds like a monkey too!

If we weren't at an outdoor playground, we were at an inside playscape!

Or hanging out at home!

Playing at the water table Landon informed me that
"Water is wet!"  Genius! 

Enjoying the last few days before Landon's "Only Child Club Membership" expired
and baby brother arrives.  
Nonna & Papa Joe gave Landon a brand new Percy that talks!

Watching Thomas & Friends...or Elmo's World!

Playing on the Island of Sodor with Landon,  and his buddies Thomas and friends!
Nonna and Landon building towers & bridges for Thomas to go through!

As a side note...Uncle AJ & Godfather to the new baby had just returned from a trip of a life time spending a few weeks in Manila.  He went with his best friend Clayton and his wife Tala, who is from Manila. At the end of his fabulous trip he decided to come to Dallas instead of going back to Boston--he really wanted to be in town for the birth of the baby!  

Adam arrived at Sara's house on Keegan's due date...but no baby!   The picture below was taken the night Sara went into labor...

Adam and Sara the night she went into labor!
It's the real thing...time to head to the hospital! 

Then in the middle of the night, Sara woke me and said it was time to head to the hospital!  It was just as we all had hoped--Landon was sound asleep, they slipped out during the night and by the time he was up in the morning he was a big brother!  

Before they left for the hospital, they went in to see Landon--sound asleep surrounded by his Thomas and friends sheets, a hippo, a well loved doggie, two lambs and a large plush 'Thomas'!  Watching Sara and Ryan rub his back and kiss his little head...well, it was one of the most touching moments, filled with sweet "tears of love" for their first born son!  

The closer the due date came, the more Sara began to worry about being able to love another baby as much as she loves Landon...I shared my story (one of my previous blogs around Christmas) of how I worried that I would not love our second baby (Adam) as much as I loved her...but I told her, when you have a new baby your capacity for loving increases...and I told her much like the Grinch...your heart will grow...
and it did--for all of us!

Sara gave birth on July 8th at 7:43a.m. to a healthy baby boy!  
Keegan Joseph
9lbs, 9oz
21.5 inches long
Perfect in every way!
God is so amazing!

My turn to hold Keegan!

Papa Joe get's a turn!

Sara, Ryan and Keegan arrive home!

Landon, Keegan and Ryan at the pediatrician office for the first visit
Landon was THRILLED he was not being messed with by the doctor!

 I Lasso the miracle of love and life!
I Lasso being a Nonna of two beautiful boys!

God is good all the time!
All the time God is good!

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