Sunday, April 7, 2013

Never Pass Up a Lemonade Stand!

Never Pass Up a Lemonade Stand!

Springtime has arrived, even if the weather isn't quite cooperating!  Before you know it--at least in Texas we will be in the hot days of summer.

When my children were little they often had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit and created a lemonade, popsicle stand at the corner of our cul-de-sac.  

Jenna's sign for the Popsicle & Lemonade Stand 

Hot Texas Summer, and no customers for delicious lukewarm fruit punch!

And like any good mother, I would call my neighbors and ask if they would stop by--not desiring my kids to collect their money, but to feel proud of the work they invested time in to make the stand.  

We had the best neighbors in the world who always encouraged our kids!
We still miss Karen, Allen and their boys!

In turn, my husband and I never pass up a lemonade stand!  We will buy a cup or two and give a tip -- which generally depends on the number of kids selling at the stand!

I remember once passing a kid's stand where they were selling drawings--and as I recall, they were pricy!  That time, I only purchased one drawing, and praised the kiddos for a job well done!  Leaving them with smiles and standing a little taller!

Lemonade stands are often a child's first business!

Now that my kids are grown, each of them striking out on their own--trying to make their way in the world.  And as unique as they all three are, so are their career paths.

Our daughter Sara, and her husband who are expecting their second baby, have made the decision and quite honestly the financial sacrifice for her to be a SAHM--stay at home mom.  I hear more and more young mothers expressing the desire to be SAHM.  And Sara has been blessed with a few of these moms who are mentoring her as she navigates not only parenthood, but having what you need, not always what you want in order to remain a SAHM.  

Which brings me back to the lemonade stand...and the support other mothers gave our kids when they were young.

Many of the new moms are developing their home-based businesses--in the effort to build and keep a nuclear family together, and being able to be there for the majority of the child rearing.  This isn't for everyone--being a SAHM, but there are families who are trying to make this work.  And now a days, in terms of home-based businesses there are more options than just Avon!  There are a variety of products being sold in these home-based businesses--from children's clothing, to bags and purses; from children's educational toys and books, to beautiful jewelry; from skin care lines and make-up to health supplements and protein drinks.

Just a sampling of the many great home-based companies!

Actually now that I think of it there are new moms, older moms and grand-moms who have home-based businesses. 

I guess I would like you to consider, if you are invited to one of these home-based parties, consider going as  a way of lending support or giving confidence to those who are trying to provide a quality product for a genuine need.  And much like the lemonade stands versus the drawings...some of the products you may stop and lend encouragement to, some you may make a significant purchase, and some you may only purchase one small item.  But you are doing so much more than that, you are giving them confidence.  You are rooting for their success.  You may think you are only buying mascara, but you are helping someone build a business.

I Lasso the Spirit Behind the Lemonade Stands! 
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