Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Puppy Ellie

As a young girl, I was number 3 out of six children...we were always referred to as "Boots' half dozen".  Boots was my mom's name.  An incredible lady!  I was blessed to be raised by the most incredible parents.  Both people of strong faith, strong sense of what is important and a moral code that is still with me today.

My mom is holding Pierre
During my childhood we had three dogs...two toy poodles (Pierre and Bingo), but the dog that won our hearts was Sox.  Sox was actually my oldest brother, Mark's dog he brought home from college when Sox was discovered in the dorm room.  My mother embraced having a dog in the house.  The comical thing about having a dog named Sox and a mom named Boots, was the questions I would commonly get from my friends, "Now, Kathie is your dog's name Boots or Sox...I don't want to call the dog and mistakenly call your mom!"

As a married woman, mother of three small children, it took a great deal of convincing to have a dog.  Joe was never allowed to have any pet growing up.  Boy that becomes a challenge...not just in agreeing to a dog, but understanding the a family dog is exactly that...a part of the family!  When Joe finally acquiesced to my plea for a dog, I originally wanted a Springer Spaniel.  But Joe had a Navy buddy who had the "coolest" dog--so if we were going to have a dog, it was going to be an Australian Shepherd!  Well, fast forward 25 years of marriage and we have had three awesome Aussies. 

Pirate, is 15 1/2 , Ellie is almost 9 months old...Holly died shortly after her first birthday from seizures. 

Pirate is moving slowly...I actually thought we were going to lose him last year so I contacted his breeder to see if she would have any litters in the near future...Ellie arrived Oct. 20th...I was able to bring her home the week of Christmas.  I love my dogs.  Since the litter Ellie came from was called the New Moon Litter...Moon needed to be in her registered name...since It's a Wonderful Life is one of my very favorite movies, and the fact that we brought her home the week of Christmas...her registered name is Chase's Lasso the Moon...(Chase is the kennel Ellie came it too needed to be in the name).  I need to work with Ellie more with obedience commands, but truly, I love this puppy!  She has put pep back into the step of Pirate!  He is approaching 16, and doing well!

I think I continue to be amazed at the loyalty and unconditional love our four-legged pets give to us so affectionately!

Stoeckle Siblings with Sox & Abby

I can't close this entry without mentioning Ducati...much like, Mark bringing home Sox, and my mother being so receptive to this son Adam brought home Ducati from Baylor University Humane Society. 

The biggest difference though, is Adam has spent the time and money to really train this sweet dog!  So while Ducati is Adam's dog...we consider Duke part of our family!  While at times it's a three ring circus...I love the life and love these canines bring to our home!

I Lasso our four-legged family members!
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