Sunday, July 4, 2010

Seasons in Life

Many blessings abound in my life. I don't consider myself lucky, I consider all of my good fortune to be a true blessing. But I will also note, with many blessings come many more challenges. I really 'get' the saying that looks are deceiving. I think people often see a person from the persona they project and assume that his/her world is amazing and perfect, but in my lifetime, I have learned--in many ways the hard way...that looks are deceiving...

Like everyone on the planet, I have had many passages or seasons in my life. Some seasons have been better than others. As I get older, the value of living and the wisdom that comes with age gives me comfort as I brave the 50's!

This blog is more for me--to think through capture moments I might otherwise forget.
If you are reading this...please share your thoughts, comments, insights to the season in your life you are living right now.
Many blessings,

So I Lasso blogging for the first time!  Hope you'll come back!

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