Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ever Find Yourself in a Spiritual Desert?

Can you recall a spiritual desert experience in your life?
Boy, I can!
Throughout my life, as a young professional, wife, sister, daughter, friend, but especially as a mother of three, I have found I have wandered aimlessly for years in the desert. 

I found myself asking, "Lord do you hear me...
Lord am I asking for the wrong thing...
Father how times do I need to pour out my heart only to have my prayer go unanswered... 
Father, I don't understand."

And then in the solace of the morning or still of the night or anytime I can "Be still, and know that I (He) is God" -- 
~ Psalm 46:10  
I believe His answer to me is, "I don't want you to know WHY, because if you did, then you couldn't really be walking by faith. I want you to believe and walk by faith"

I often forget that we have a BIG GOD! I constrain my understanding of trials, and miracles by what I know as a mortal person...not by what I know God to be. "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding" 
Proverbs 3:5

I do still wander through the spiritual wilderness, but I know that when I am wandering, I am pouring out the true desires of my heart, I trust and believe rather than constrain God to what I know is humanly possible...when our God is Omnipotent.

As we anticipate Easter, the resurrection of Christ, I want to encourage you that God does hear your prayers.   There have been many challenges that I have personally faced throughout my life, and thought God was deaf to my prayers--only to discover He was listening all along, and I have found His plan was much better than mine.  

So now I Lasso my walk by Faith, not by sight!