Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"...My Daughter's My Daughter all the Days of My Life!"

Kathie & Sara
My daughter Sara and I had the incredible blessing of time together this weekend.  

We met up with two long-time, dear friends--also a mother and daughter.  

My friend Kim had the wonderful idea of getting away with our oldest daughters. 
Kim & Alissa

A quaint little town north of Austin called Salado, Texas was the destination, and the Inn on the Creek was the Bed & Breakfast we stayed.

The two bedroom house was just perfect for ladies that wanted to sit, sip wine (except for Sara), eat and just talk.  No internet, no TV, just each other.  

Kim has been my friend since Joe and I were newlyweds--over 25 years.  Kim and her husband, Joe lived two doors down from us when we moved to Coppell.  What I love about this friendship is that we can go months without talking, yet pick up where we left off.  
Spending time with our grown daughters, one about to be a wife, one about to be a mother was a phenomenal gift we gave each other!  

Giggling, sharing, drinking, eating, asking, eating and advising--did I mention eating...being...what a fabulous weekend!  

While I watched Sara rub her tummy as our baby grandson squirmed, turned, and at one point must have had a kick boxing episode...I saw this beautiful young mother-to-be and beamed with such pride that she was once my baby girl!

"Then someone placed her in my arms.  She looked up at me.  The crying stopped.  Her eyes melted through me, forging a connection in me with her soft heat."
~ Shirley Maclaine

Listening to Alissa talk about the many details she has in place for a very special day in her life coming in July...her wedding was so joyful to share!

Reuniting with true friends--friendship that has stood the test of time--for all of us, coupled with the opportunity to express deep love for our daughters was what the weekend was all about!  I loved every minute of the weekend!  I look forward to the time I will have the pleasure of spending the same type of weekend with my daughter Jenna.

"A mother's love is patient and forgiving when all other are forsaking, and it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking." ~ Helen Steiner Rice

One again, Sara Lassos my heart!